Subscription Orders

Subscriptions deliver recurring revenue because they promote customer retention. Products purchased as subscriptions offer your patients a small discount and ship in recurring intervals to ensure customers never run out of their favorite products. In addition to the benefits offered to your customers, subscriptions give you the opportunity to increase profits through additional revenue streams,… Continue reading Subscription Orders

Market Expansion

Each year, the physical geography of online customers becomes less of a determining factor of their buying habits. The moment your online store goes live, your market expands extensively, reaching customers who otherwise would have never been able to purchase from your physical office. Gift cards offer a way for your customers to share products… Continue reading Market Expansion

Brand Exclusivity

Offer your patients products that can only be purchased from you. One of the many benefits of private-labeling is the ability to generate customer loyalty by providing exclusive products not available through other vendors. The addition of an online store widens the reach of your brand while simultaneously strengthening your ownership over the ways in… Continue reading Brand Exclusivity

24 Hour Sales System

Through an online store, the doors to your retail shop will never close. While in-office sales are restricted by various factors, including hours of operation, appointment availability, and customer travel, your online store will remain open to your customers no matter the time of the day or day of the year. Supporting your online store… Continue reading 24 Hour Sales System